Mini Donuts are the #1 most popular shareable dessert.

Our Mini Donuts are delicious. We flash freeze our cake batter mini donuts right off of the production line, and ship them to you, for you to prepare and serve to customers. Prepared from frozen, our mini donuts are served to customers hot n' fresh. Tossed in delicious sugar flavours, people love our 'melt in your mouth' cake batter recipe.

Whether you are preparing in the oven, an air fryer, a deep fryer, or through a conveyor toaster, our mini donuts are guaranteed to be a customer favourite.

Easy preparation methods:

Mini Donuts add tasty fun to your business!

Whether you don't currently offer food and are looking for an easy and quick solution, or you do currently sell food and you want an exciting delicious, shareable treat to add to your menu. Mini Donuts are the answer. You can start offering Mini Donuts within days of placing your first order.

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